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Intraoral Balancing Appliance

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Intraoral Balancing Appliance

▶ IBA is designed to minimize abnormal signals of TMJ and to relieve muscle tensions around TMJ by offering stable freeway space.

▶ IBA is designed for an optimally stable and balanced position of the mandible in relation with the cranium.

▶ IBA is developed to find the multi-dimensional precision balanced position of TMJ to the whole body.

▶ There are various types of IBA for different sizes and malocclusion type

▶ IBA is comfortable to wear and easy to prescribe with its various types and sizes.

▶ IBA is made of medical grade silicone with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and FDA (Food & Drug Administration of U.S.) compliance. IBA also has passed cytotoxicity test, skin irritation test, and intracutaneous (intradermal) reactivity test.

▶ IBA has CE mark and is manufactured under GMP certified company.

▶ Types of IBA: TBA, OBA, ABA, OAA

Structural Feature of IBA

Available Only from Doctor’s Prescription

Given the fact that there are an increasing number of patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) in various fields, we recommend IBA not only to dentists but also other doctors such as orthopedic, neurology, chiropractic and so on.

– Easy to prescribe!

We have prescription guide in detail for each step of treatment and different types of occlusion.

– Effective!

Immediate decompression of TMJ & relief of relative symptoms

– Various Sizes!

There are various sizes for each type. No need for adjustment.

– Comfortable wear!

IBA is made of soft medical-grade silicone just like baby’s pacifier. It has less burden and stress for the teeth and gum.

– Ready to go!

No need for impression and/or molding. It’s ready to use.

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