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Description of Pelvic Balancer

JinBiotech Co., Ltd. - jinbiotechDescription of Pelvic Balancer

Description of Pelvic Balancer

What is SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique)?

SOT facilitates the normal function of cranial motion and sacroiliac joint by the leverage principle of SOT block appliance supported beneath the distorted pelvis with alone lying face down comfortably, the gravitational principle and the respiratory principle pursuant to the intestinal up & down motion each time of respiration, and therefore normalizes all functions between the cranium and the sacrum normal, and resolves the structural drawbacks of the spine. As a result, it is a new integrative medical technique recovering the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid normally.

Pelvic Balancer?

Pelvic Balancer is an appliance which Prof. Lee Young-Jun, a integrative medicine’s first doctorate complemented and upgraded the principle of SOT, a field of western alternative medicine.

Description of Chest supported facial pillow

Chest supported facial pillow

* Chest supported facial pillow could be a disc decompression balancer which can be helpful for cervical traction and decompression of herniated cervical and lumbar disc if it is used with lying down..)

Disc decompression balancer

* Disc decompression balancer can be a chest supported facial pillow which you can have a good sleep if you use it on your face.

What is Chest supported facial pillow + Disc decompression balancer?

Chest supported facial pillow was devised for many different procedure and comfortable rest by inducing and maintain the most comfortable prone position and it is a multifunctional appliance which can be also used as Disc decompression balancer.

Chest supported facial pillow + Disc decompression balancer can be used when/for:

  • You want to have a sound sleep on your stomach;
  • You want to take a rest on your stomach;
  • You want to undergo acupuncture and moxibustion on your stomach;
  • You want to undergo corrective pelvic osteotomy on your stomach;
  • You want to undergo massage or acupressure on your stomach;
  • Person who has bedsore or is difficult to lie down;
  • Person who needs cervical traction or decompression of herniated cervical disc;
  • When you want to add the effect by using the spine balance at the same time;
  • When you want to lie face down comfortably during corrective treatment for pelvic balance.

Decompression and traction for herniated cervical disc and herniated lumbar disc, cervical traction, loosen the knotted posterior neck muscles, loosen the knotted shoulder muscles, stabilize and balance brain respiration, Simulate circulation of CSF, complement CST (soft CST)